Thursday, 1 April 2010


Flay is a character from two of my favourite books: Titus Groan and Gormenghast. They are both amazing and I really reccomend reading them. The characters and their descriptions are amazing - ripe for illustration. Here's a description of him I found from the book:

"Mr Flay appeared to clutter up the doorway as he stood revealed, his arms folded, surveying the smaller man before him in an expressionless way. It did not look as though such a bony face as his could give normal utterance, but rather that instead of sounds, something more brittle, more ancient, something dryer would emerge, something perhaps more in the nature of a splinter or fragment of stone. Nevertheless, the harsh lips parted. ‘It's me,’ he said, and took a step forward into the room, his knee joints cracking as he did so. His passage across the room - in fact his passage through life - was accompanied by these cracking sounds, one per step, which might be likened to the breaking of twigs."

Awesome huh? There is some really great description of his face as well (which is what I opted to draw). Here's one of a series of attempts that I'm most happy with:
Think I'm going to try and redraw it from a few different angles, see if I can replicate it and get it down.

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